Why the “Your Name” Diner is a Must-go for Anime Lovers?

The animated hit “Your Name” is perhaps the most successful Japanese animated movie of 2016, it has garnered over 330 million USD in international box offices. The movie not only combined popular sci-fi time travel theme with romance, but the also featured an incredibly accurate depiction of Tokyo. Due to the movie’s huge box office success and fan’s high demand for “Your Name” related products, a “Your Name” cafe would be open in Nagoya from January 2017 to early April 2017. Since its opening, the themed cafe has proven to be a popular spot for anime lovers and the movie’s fans.  

Real Anime Bento at “Your Name” Diner in Japan

This diner serves dishes inspired by the successful Japanese movie called “Your Name”. Master chefs recreate exact dishes from “Your Name” for movie fans and Anime lovers so that they could reminisce the movie through their taste buds. For example, a popular dish is the strawberry pancakes eaten by Taki, the male protagonist and his classmates, fans from around the world come to the diner to relive the magic from their beloved movie.

Aside from being a popular diner, this “Your Name” themed cafe is also a wonderful gift shop. Fans are surrounded with custom-made merchandises from the movie, such as mugs, apparel and much more.

Please note that the cafe would only be open in the Nagoya Parco until April 3rd, 2017. Therefore travellers visiting Nagoya be sure to visit the lovely cafe before it closes, for it is recommended by fans and past diners.

Dates: January 7th, 2017 to April 3rd, 2017

Opening hours: 10:00am to 10:30pm

Address: 3 Chome-29-1 Sakae, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0008, Japan

Tel: +81 52-264-8111

Website: http://the-guest.com/kiminona_nagoya/

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