3 New or Seasonal Foods Foodies Must Try in November and December

Attention foodies travelling to Japan! Besides the typical delicacies, ever wondered what Japan’s trendiest food products are? What about new food releases that you can bring home? Well, Japan.com has got you covered! We have selected 3 brand new food launches for you to check out: one for you to eat at your hotel, one for you to try in a restaurant, and one for you to bring home to your friends!

1. Eat At Your Hotel: Shortcake-flavoured Instant Yakisoba by Myojo Ippei-chan


Wheat soba noodles are highly popular in Japan and worldwide. But ever wondered how it would taste with strawberry or yoghurt toppings? Well wonder no more! Myojo Ippei-chan will be offering a Christmas seasonal instant yakisoba with strawberry and yoghurt flavours! Both come with a special sauce made of beef, fruit paste, mango chutney and vanilla oil. But that’s not all! Each also comes with mayonnaise that Myojo Ippei-chan wants you to make into a work of art. So create your own mayo-art masterpiece! This new instant soba is going to be sold throughout Japan for 180 yen (around $1.80 USD) starting on December 5th. Don’t miss out!

2. Try in a Restaurant: Black Truffle Creme Brulee by L’Occitane


From November 18th onwards, foodies may visit the three L’Occitane Cafes in Tokyo for their new black truffle creme brulee. Each is crafted by Michelin chef Keisuke Matsushima. Known for his French training, Matsushima expresses this legacy in his baking. The truffles used are imported from Southern France, where Matsushima runs a restaurant. The most amazing thing? Each creme brulee is only 1000 yen (around $10 USD)!

3. Bring Home to Your Friends: “Roasted Beef Sauce - 10 times garlic!” by Kokonoe Mirin


Many children would experiment with adding a huge amount of one ingredient into existing foods to see what happens. Yet, the developers at Kokonoe Mirin actually did it. Taking their “Medium Spicy Roasted Beef Sauce”, the company decided it needed more garlic, and proceeded to increase it TENFOLD. Allegedly, this was not for fun. Rather, it was done to make a sauce some kind of panacea. Claims of the sauce’s health benefits include combating fatigue, preventing flu, alleviating high blood pressure and more. While here at Japan.com, we are unsure about the health claims, we do know it tastes really good! We liked it on yakitori barbequed meats and rice, as Kokonoe Mirin recommends. But it was their third recommendation that tasted best: on desserts! Being only 500 yen (around $5 USD), this new “Roasted Beef Sauce - 10 times garlic!” is a perfect gift for your friends back home.