3 Reasons For Joining the Ishigaki Marathon in Okinawa

Scheduled for January 22, 2017, Ishigaki Marathon will take place in Okinawa, with tourists and locals alike gathering to enjoy the sport while admiring nature views. If you are into a more energetic way to experience Japan before the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, check out why Ishigaki Marathon might just be the event you are looking for here at Japan.com!

1. There is a course for everyone


Realizing the differences in people’s body strengths and reasons of participation, the Ishigaki Marathon gives its racers three choices: the full 42.195 km, the half 24 km or the light 10 km. You should choose the marathon course according to health conditions and experience. That way, you can choose either to challenge your body to its limits, or simply enjoy the scenery surrounding the route! Along the way, there are water stops every 2.5 km and medical attendants. So you can enjoy without worry!

2. You can enjoy beautiful sakura blossoms


Early April is the time when most Japanese sakura start to blossom, but in Okinawa people get to enjoy the beautiful sakura blossoms as early as January. The Ishigaki Marathon is at the end of January, which is the perfect timing for marathon runners to witness the early and pretty sakura blossoms. And if the runners are lucky enough, they could be running on streets covered in pink sakura petals.

3. The view is spectacular


Okinawa is a beautiful island to the south of the Japan mainland, and Ishigaki is one of the islands in Okinawa Prefecture. Ishigaki Marathon runners would trace the southwestern coast of the island before turning inside to breathtaking views of vast landscapes and mountain ranges. The running course takes runners through some of the most beautiful landscapes and late January is the best time of the year to take in sceneries on this island.

Date: January 22, 2017
Starting time: 9:00am (First flag off)
Address: Ishigaki Central Sports Park - Athletic Field (Start & Finish Point)
Tel: 0980-88-6666 - Ishigaki Island Marathon Committee
Website: http://www.ishigakijima-marathon.jp/ or https://marathons.ahotu.com/event/ishigaki-marathon#event
Full course: General 5,000 Yen; students 3,000 Yen
Half & light courses: General 4,000 Yen; students 3,000 Yen