3 Places to Visit for Cherry Blossom in Feb, Mar and Apr

Cherry blossom, also known as sakura, is Japan’s floral emblem. One of the reasons why it has been chosen to represent the country is, of course, its graceful and beautiful appearance. Thus, cherry blossom viewing (hanami) is popular among locals and tourists during the winter-spring transition period. Though there are numerous places for hanami, Japan.com has picked the best 3 for you!

February: Okinawa

Cherry Blossom Okinawa

Okinawa is home to the earliest cherry blossoms in Japan. Travellers usually recognize the Japanese cherry blossoms by their vibrant pink colours, but the Okinawa cherry blossoms are characterized by variations of darker pink hues due to different tree kinds. Tourists could attend different cherry blossom festivals in the city starting from late January to early February to better appreciate the early blossoms.

March: Nagoya

Cherry Blossom Yamazakigawa Riverside

Nagoya’s Yamazakigawa Riverside is one of Japan’s 100 best places to see cherry blossoms. Locals usually enjoy the beautifully cherry-blossom-decorated riverside by picnicking with family or friends. And it is always a good way to end your day by taking a stroll in the embrace of cherry blossoms.

April: Kyoto

Cherry Blossom Philosopher's Path

Philosopher’s Path in Kyoto is another must-go place to see cherry blossoms. Based on past tourists records, this place is a tourist favourite. Cherry trees line up on both sides of a canal along the path and sometimes the cherry petals fall and cover the whole surface of the canal.