Usagiya Restaurant, Ishigaki


Live music with audience participation for the daring!

Every night at 7 – 9 pm, performers armed with guitars will go on stage at Usagi-Ya, a prime example of traditional Okinawan cooking, and cover everything from traditional music to pop-rock. The drums and clappers are passed around the audience who are welcome to join. It can get quite rambunctious, so don't be shy! Kids are sure to love the atmosphere here.

Enjoy an awamori while watching the show. A fantastic, island-made liquor distilled from rice, to go along with the wide range of small, delicious meals. The Chashu pork and the Gyoza are among the most loved dishes here. This is a must try for visitors to Okinawa.

Please note a fee of 500 Yen is charged per person to observe the show, and while not mandatory, it is highly recommended.


  • 5pm -12am, daily
  • (+81) 980-88-5014
  • 1-1 Nakamura Heights 102, Ishigaki 907-0023 Okinawa Prefecture
  • Off Ishigakis main street, close to the City Office