Ichiran Fukuoka Restaurant


Authentic Hakata-style ramen at its fastest

There are countless restaurants serving up Hakata ramen in Fukuoka, and finding one that stands out from the crowd is no easy task. The Hakata-style features a rich, pork-based broth, juicy pork slices, and thin noodles, and Ichiran serves up a hearty, delicious bowl without any fuss.

The restaurant caters for quick, easy meals and customers sit at the counter with small partitions separating one diner from the next. While it isn’t the ideal spot for socializing or a romantic meal, it does offer an authentic Japanese ramen experience.

Ordering is done at a ticket machine, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t speak Japanese. Simply pay at the machine, select your ramen and hand the ticket to one of the staff. Don’t expect too much interaction with the waiters, just an amazing meal you won’t be quick to forget.