Heiwa Dori Shopping Street


An authentic Japanese shopping experience on Naha’s ‘Peace Street’

Located just off the main shopping street of Kokusai Dori, Heiwa Dori is one of Okinawa’s few remaining covered arcades and popular with locals and bargain hunters alike. Heiwa Dori translates as ‘Peace Street’, though the atmosphere is sometimes far from peaceful. Because the arcade is relatively narrow, and because its hundreds of tenants often display their wares outside the front of their stores, Heiwai Dori is often bustling and boisterous.  Yet, it is also an idea spot to have a more authentic shopping experience. Almost all the stores are small, independently run businesses, offering merchandise from spices to clothing. Items of interest for tourists include awamori (Okinawan rice whisky), locally produced herbal tea, and stone shisa statues, a half-dog half-lion creature outside most Okinawan homes. Unlike most of Japan, a bit of friendly haggling is acceptable and even expected here. If you are polite and keep smiling, most vendors will offer at least some discount. Heiwa Dori is opposite the large Hapinaha souvenir store towards the eastern end of Kokusai Dori. Look for the green arch over the entrance of the arcade.  


  • 3-3-7 Makishi, Naha, Okinawa 900-0013
  • A 6-minute walk from Makishi Station on the Yui Rail Monorail Line