Asunal Kanayama Open Air Mall


Lively open-air mall hosting regular music events

Asunal Kanayama is a 3-storey open air mall perfect for those who enjoy a soundtrack while they shop.
The retail complex regularly hosts live music acts, with the walkways on levels 2 and 3 providing a great place to view the ground floor stage.

Customers are mainly younger locals, so the shopping options predominantly feature Japanese fashion brands.
The 3rd floor is home to several budget shopping options, with branches of 100-yen chain store Seria and 300-yen fashion accessories shop Mikazukimomoko located there.

A range of dining options is available, with a wide selection of Western restaurants including a pizzeria and steakhouses. Many of the cafes and restaurants on the ground floor offer outdoor seating.
The live music attracts a lot of shoppers during weekends and national holidays, and the mall can get very busy.


  • 052-324-8577
  • 1-17-1 Kanayama, Naka Ward, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 460-0022
  • Asunal Kanayama is located a 1-minute walk from Kanayama Station, a transport hub linked to the subway and several over ground rail lines. The quickest way to reach Kanayama Station from inside Nagoya is via the subway on either the Meijo Line or Meiko Line.